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Budh Puja

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 Budh Puja

Planet Budh Pujan

Beneficial for ...Speech, salesmanship,  business minded, good thinking.

Budha puja is Beneficial for speech, salesmanship,  business minded, good thinking. Planet Budh is known as planet Mercury too.Lord Budh has four hands. Sword, Thaal, Gada and Varmudra are seen in his hands. Lord Budh has golden crown on his head and wears ornaments of yellow flowers and yellow clothes. According to the Atharv Ved, Budh was born to Chandrama and Tara. Normally, Budh Grah is associated with good things. But when it crosses the way of Surya Grah, there is a possibility for Strong Wind (Cyclone), Flood and Drought. According to Matsyapuran, Budh Graha is Green in Colour. Budh Graha is the Lord of Mithun and Kanya rashi.We are perform this puja for you in tantrik methods.

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