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Lord Dattatreya idol

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In stock: yes
Weight: 150 g

Lord Dattatreya is depicted with 3 heads, 6 hands, 4 dogs, standing in face of a cow and tree. In his hands He holds a drum (damaru), discus weapon (chakra), conch shell (shankh), rosary (japa mala), water vessel (kamandala) and a trident (trishula).Mantra Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabh Digambar

Particulars: This idol is produced from pure brass and has a protecting coating to stop it from tarnishing.In Sanskrit, Datta means present, hence, Omkara is the everlasting reward of God to all souls.

Maintain it free from dust, clear it by applying coconut oil after which wiping it with a dry material at any time when required(i.e.if the mud acumalates on it).

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