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Mritasanjeevani Mantra Sadhana

Mritasanjeevani Mantra Sadhana
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Mrit Sanjivani Vidya Sadhana for Health

This Mrit Sanjivani Vidya come from Adi Shankaracharya. By way of it even a dead individual could be brought back to life. This observe could seem to be a fantasy however it had been utilized by Guru Gorakhnath several times. At the moment only a few individuals have sensible knowledge of this Vidya.

It's however our misfortune that we think about most of our wealthy heritage to be just fable when in fact by it we can achieve all success, wealth & comforts in our lives. It’s really very shameful that a nation where such unique & distinguished Yogis had been born, in the present day, the people of the same nation disbelieve and make fun of their ancestral heritage.

These Vidyas and Siddhis are of very excessive spiritual stage and will not be meant to be demonstrated publicly. At the moment the world is filled with deceit, fraud, violence and greed, hence it has become even more essential to revive and resurrect these divine Vidyas. And to attain this it also becomes necessary to recognise the true divine form of the persona, who alone is able to endowing this data on others.

Such data can't be acquired through books and neither can it's properly defined through this medium. For this a person shall must become a disciple and be taught these uncommon practices sitting within the Guru’s feet. One shall have to return near the Guru and shall have to give up his position, his ego and all arguments.

I seek the forgiveness of Reverent Gurudev for disclosing this aspect of his personality with out his permission. He typically says that he doesn't believe in imparting this information to anyone with out testing his faith, devotion and will.

But seeing these ancient Indian knowledge becoming extinct I could not restrain myself from revealing these information before the readers. I bow down in reverence before Gurudev’s holy divine form which is a confluence of so many unique and celestial Sadhnas & Siddhi.

Mrit Sanjivani Vidya Sadhana Muhurth- Any Navami or Tuesday, Amavasya, Purnima.

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ºÉ´ÉÇ{ÉÞlÉ¨É +ÉÊnù ¶ÉÆEò®úÉSÉɪÉÇ xÉä <ºé t="" e="" m="" l="" g="" s="" y="" i="" x="" u="" h="" c="" v="" n="">ð{É®ú <ºé t="" e="" v="" m="" l="" x="" i="" s="" xj="" span="">


** $ jªÉªÉƤÉEò¨É ªÉÉVÉɨɽäþ ºÉÖMÉÆÊvɨÉ {ÉÖι`ö´ÉvÉÇxɨÉ =´ÉÉǯûEòÊ¨É´É ¤ÉÆvÉxÉÉiÉ ¨ÉÞiªÉÉä¨ÉÖÇÊIɪÉ ¨ÉÉ©ÉiÉÉiÉ **

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
om trayambkam yajamahe sugandhim pushiti vardhanam urvarimiv bandhanat mrtyormukshiya mamratat

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