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Sabar Mantra Sadhana to attract lover

Sabar Mantra Sadhana to attract lover
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Sabar Mantra Sadhana to attract lover

(Vashikaran Mala+ Vashikaran Yantra)

That is normally a Sabar Vashikaran Mantra to draw your lover. This Attraction Mantra produces the use of Paan [Beetal leaf preparation].

The mastery must be obtained by reciting this Mantra 1001 occasions for 7 consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. On each of nowadays it's a must to gentle a Diya [lamp], offer flowers, Prasad [sweets] and burn an incense stick of Guggulu [Indian Bedellium] after you end reciting this Sabar Vashikaran Mantra.

Then to attract your lover you need to take a Paan and holding it in your hand recite the mantra 7 times. this will Abhimintrit [bind] the Paan with the Sabar Vashikaran Mantra. Then you have to give this Paan to your lover to eat. This experiment and is alleged to carry your lover below your spell of attraction.

Sabar Vashikaran Mantra
Haat pasaru mukh malu kaachi machli khau l
Aath pahar chausat ghadi jagmoha jau ll
Sabar Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi
हात पसारूँ मुख मलुं काची मछली खाऊँ l
आठ पहर चौसठ घडी जगमोह जाऊँ ll

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