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Saraswati Worship Vidhi

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Saraswati Worship Vidhi

Saraswati Worship Vidhi

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Devi Saraswati is the goddess of education, arts and craft. She is worshipped along at the educational institutions to seek blessings for good performances in academic fields. Saraswati Pooja takes the place over the month of Magh of how the Hindu calendar which falls at the months of January or February.

At the state of West Bengal Saraswati Puja is widely known in huge way. Generally the next samaroh at the state is celebrated in schools and colleges plus the at home. Students mainly arrange and make preparations for Saraswati Worship.

// om aing sarasvateya namaha//

Necessary things required for Saraswati Pujan Vidhi

To pooja of the fact that goddess of education quite a few necessary things have been required without which of the fact that pujan will be incomplete. Those required things have been:

That the idol of Goddess Saraswati

Vastra or a cloth which can be to be offered to how the deity

Decorative items like flowers, garlands, bel leaves, false colored flowers made from paper and other decorative elements like strings and colored papers

Different types of local fruits available. Kul, a type of fruit particularly available during the next time is often a must in this pooja

Rice, kumkum, haldi, ganga jal, diya, incense, kapur, sesame seed, horitoki

Sweets and other offered foods as with payesh made of milk and rice, bhog including khichdi and vegetables

Though Saraswati Pujan is that the worship of the goddess of education students don't study on this day rather they keep of the fact that books in front of how the idol with a belief how the divine goddess will shower blessing on the books.

To perform of the fact that pujan a small number mandatory Saraswati Puja Vidhi are there that are to be followed with religious observance.

Firstly place should be cleaned and and thus the idol should be placed there. Decorations with flowers and other decorative items should be made.

The fruits, sweets and other offering items should be placed in front of that the idol.

Of the fact that diyas and incense should be lighted.

Prior to starting the other Saraswati Pooja Vidhi, first Lord Narayan should be worshipped as well as offerings should be made to Lord Narayan. Then how the puja of of the fact that Devi should be started.

Of the fact that Panchali or the Devi Saraswati hyms should be chanted even as offering that the pujas. Of the fact that mantras for the Anjali also needs to be chanted from the devotees.

Finally there will be how the pushpanjali which takes the place for three times and also the Pooja vidhi come to an end by the this.

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