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Puja in Kal Bhairav Temple (Ujjain)

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Puja in Kal Bhairav Temple (Ujjain)


Beneficial for all kind of security, protection from evil, spirit, ghost, Blackmagic,  success in kali, Durga, Chamunda Sadhana. For this Puja we need your name, father's name, gotra and photo. After Puja we sent you Puja articles, Yantra from the temple.


Bhairav is the fierce materialization of Lord Shiva, and the township of Ujjain has numerous shrines devoted to the current fierce indication. Kal Bhairav temple is believed to get linked with of the actual fact that Tantra cult, a heretical secret devotional group with brawny black the supernatural nuances. The temple (mandir) premises are mottled with holy males with ash smeared body and lengthy matted hair.


The Kal Bhairava Temple houses a Shiva linga underneath a banyan tree inside that the outer edge of a temple (mandir) reverse for that idol of Nandi Bull. Kal Bhairav temple (mandir) also depicts lovely sculptures of different deities and in Lord Vishnu. On the eve of Mahasivarathri, that the temple premises put over a festive temper when this shrine is filled with ardent devotees.


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