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Mahavidya Dhoomavati Sadhana articles

Mahavidya Dhoomavati Sadhana articles, about Dhoomavati Sadhana, Dhoomavati Sadhana mumbai, Dhoomavati Sadhana delhi
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Mahavidya Dhoomavati Sadhana-The Terrifier

"I was working in a high government post, when one day I received a letter that threatened me of dire consequences unless I left the place or secured a transfer.I was very much worried and in this state one day as I was strolling on the river bank, I heard my name being called. As I turned I saw a Sadhu approaching me. ‘You have been threatened’, he said. Before I could reply he continued - ‘There are hidden enemies who won’t hesitate to kill. Come here tomorrow night.’ I returned to the place the next night to find the Sadhu seated before a fire. He asked me to join him and for the next two hours he accomplished some ritual. After the Mantra recital he told me that the Goddess Dhoomavati would now protect me. "

"The very next day two men armed with guns rushed into my office. However as soon as they faced me terror swam over their facial features and to my surprise, they turned and ran as if for their lives."

"Amazed, I went in search of the Sadhu and related the event to him. ‘Ma sure terrified them’, he said laughing boisterously. Then he added - ‘My work is done. Thank your Gurudev for sending me here!’ With this he disappeared, leaving me all the more bewildered. I sure had a Guru and he had helped me several times but this time he had saved me from sure death."

These are the words of one of Gurudev’s disciples, who got a chance to witness the power of Goddess Dhoomavati who is a terror for one’s enemies. Even ghosts and evil spirits dare not touch her Sadhak. She drives away all baneful influences like diseases and illnesses. The gaze of the Sadhak becomes so powerful that even the staunchest enemy quails in his presence. The Goddess protects her Sadhak throughout life from the worst of calamities.

The Sadhana of this Mahavidya can be done on any moonless night. After 10 p.m. take a bath, wear black robes and sit alone in a room facing South on a black worship mat. Before yourself place a wooden seat covered with a black cloth. In a steel plate place Siddha Dhoomavati Yantra. On one side place the picture of the Goddess. Next to it in another plate place a Siddha Vajra Dand and Siddha Dhoomavati Mala.

Take some mustard seeds and throwing them in all directions chant thus -

Om Apsarpantu Ye Bhootaah Ye Bhootaah Bhoomi Sansthitaah. Ye Bhootaa Vignakartaaraste Nashyantu Shivaagyaa. Apkraamantu Bhootaani Pishaachaah Sarvato Disham. Sarveshaam-virodhen Poojaakarma Samaarabhe.

Offer vermilion, rice grains, flowers, incense, ghee lamp and some sweet on the picture of the Guru. Bathe the Yantra with fresh water and wipe it dry. Make a mark with Kaajal on it. Light an oil lamp and incense. Offer sweets and fruit on the Yantra. Chant 4 rounds of Guru Mantra and then 21 rounds of the following Mantra with Siddha Dhoomavati Mala.

Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomaavati Tthah Tthah

After the Sadhana don’t sleep that night. Sit in meditation. Next morning chant one round of the Mantra and then go and throw the Yantra in a river. Thereafter chant one round of the Mantra daily for 45 days. After 3 months throw the rosary and Siddha Vajra Dand too in a river.

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