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Vikral Bhairav Sadhana articles

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Vikral Bhairav Sadhana

For Negating Evil Influence Of Planets And Bad Company

The present time span is not very good astrologically, considering the planetary positions. Astrologers have predicted world war, nuclear holocaust, natural calamities and loss of lives and property in view of the impending six planets confluence in April and three eclipses in July. This apprehension is not altogether baseless for the situation around the globe does indicate such possibilities. More than 60% people could be prey to this evil planetary confluence and hence revered Gurudev has provided through the magazine and Sadhana Camps several rituals and Sadhanas through the medium of which the effect of these negative forces could at least be weakened if not altogether wiped out. Such a very ritual pertains to Goddess Chhinmasta and the Bheirav associated with Chhinmasta, Vikraal Bheirav.

Benefits of this Vikral Bhairav Sadhana

1. This Vikral Bhairav Sadhana not just nullifies the evil effect of planets, rather it is also an unfailing Sadhana for rendering ineffective the baneful effect of Tantra, spirits, ghosts and tensions.

2. This Vikral Bhairav Sadhana can also be used to make some close person who is under the bad influence of some one else to escape that influence and do as the Sadhak tells him or her to.

The Vikral Bhairav Sadhana

This is a very powerful Vikral Bhairav Sadhana, hence try it only after having had Guru Diksha. Start this Sadhana on a Friday, Sunday or Tuesday. Do it at night only. This Vikral Bhairav Sadhana can be started from a moonless night as well. Wear black clothes. Sit on a black mat facing South and place a Bheirav Gutika and a Siddha Tantrokt Nariyal before yourself. Then take some mustard seeds (Sarson) in your fist and speak out the name of person, enemy or problem from which you wish riddance. Then speaking the following Mantra throw the seeds in all directions.

Om Aam Hreem Hreem Hreem Sarva Baadhaa Naashay Naashay Maaray Maaray Uchchaatay Uchchaatay Mohaya Mohaya Vasham Kuru Kuru Sarvaarth Kasya Siddhi Roopam Tvam Vikraal ! Kaal Bhakshannam Mahaadev Swaroopam Tvam, Sarva Siddhi Bhavet! Om Vikraal Bheirav, Mahaakaal Bheirav, Kaal Bheirav, Mahaa Bheirav, Mahaabhaya, Sarva Tantra Baadhaa Vinaashanam Devataa. Sarvasiddhibhavet.

Then with a Black Hakik Rosary chant 14 rounds of the following Mantra daily for 8 days.

Vikral Bheirav Mantra

Om Bhram Bhram Hum Hum Vikraal Bheiravaay Bhram Bhram Hum Hum Phat.

After Vikral Bhairav Sadhana throw all Sadhana articles in a river or pond.

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