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Bhoot Pret Mukti Sadhana articles

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Bhoot - Pret Mukti Sadhana

Is your family troubled by evil ghosts or spirits?

Or is some relative or acquaintance worried on this account?

If yes, then do try this Sadhana for the food of your family and the society at large.

Due to some misconceptions the ordinary man shivers at the mention of the word ghost. This is chiefly because of the fearful picture created in the mind of the populace by unscrupulous individuals who falsely claim to be Tantra experts. Actually they do so just to exploit fear of the people and to make a quick buck thus. The facts related to spirits are completely different from the false beliefs that are prevalent.

Spirits do not have grotesque forms and neither do they intend any harm to anybody. They are just wondering souls whose wishes in worldly life have remained unfulfilled. All that they wish for is freedom from their infatuations. Sometimes with the desire of fulfillment of some wish or longing they enter into some person's body and this can lead to a complete change in personality, ailments, mental disturbances etc.

No remedy then works in curing that ailment or problem. The only method then left is to drive away the spirit. For this presented here is a very powerful ritual.

On a Saturday night wear black or brown clothes. Spread a red cloth over a wooden seat. Sit facing South. On each corner of the cloth place an iron nail. Then take a thread and wind it around the seat. Draw a human figure on a piece of paper with pen and place it in middle of the cloth. On head of the figure place a Tamra Sarpa and on its torso place a Bhoot Bandh Gutika. Sprinkle vermilion over these. Light incense. Place a copper tumbler filled with water nearby. Take some water in your palm and sprinkle it all around you.

Then take water in the right palm and pray for riddance of spirit from the body of the person afflicted. Let the water flow to the ground.

Then with a Black Hakik Mala chant 41 rounds of the following Mantra.

Ayeim Kreem Kreem Khrim Khrim Khichi Khichi Bhootnaathaay Pishaachaay Khrim Khrim Phat.

Let the incense burn for the whole course of Sadhana. If the spirit appears during Sadhana or if you feel some subtle presence then take water in the right palm and sprinkle it in South direction.

After completion of Mantra chanting offer the water in tumbler to the afflicted person to drink. Tie the nails, Bhoot Bandh Gutika and Tamra Sarpa in the red cloth and then bury it far from human habitation in the South direction from home at least a foot under the earth. If the person still feels unwell then on the next Saturday chant one round of the Mantra with a copper tumbler before you. Offer water to the afflicted person to drink. Do this every Saturday till he or she recovers fully.

This is a very powerful Sadhana and I have helped hundreds of individuals through this amazing ritual.

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