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Jwalamalini Sadhana articles

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Jwalamalini Sadhana

Banish enmities and problems

Goddess Jwalamalini is none but the divine energy of Lord Shiva. So powerful is Her form that even the gods fear Her and great Yogis crave to perform Her Sadhana in order to banish all obstacles in the path of spiritual development. Yet it is a fact that the Sadhana of the Goddess Jwalamalini has long remained under the cover of secrecy. Gurus would give its knowledge only to the most deserving disciples.

Any Sadhak who tries Her Sadhana without doubt is instilled with the divine powers of the Goddess. If one’s faith and devotion is unwavering then the Sadhana simply cannot fail to produce the desired result. This is also a very quick acting ritual and its Mantra is packed with more power than even a nuclear bomb! Only thing is one should know how to make its proper use.

Every Sadhak should try and accomplish this Sadhana at least once in his life time in order to gain from the benevolent Goddess who is very kind to Her devotees but a terror to the enemies.

Through this Sadhana one can banish all enmities in life. The energy generated by the Mantra chanting is enough to neutralize the negative plots and actions of even the most powerful enemies. It also fills the Sadhak with confidence, will power and a divine radiance which enables him to face the most formidable of foes. Then the Sadhak does not feel perturbed even in adverse situations and he comes out victorious in all ordeals of life.

Through this ritual one can even ward of the ill effect of any evil ritual tried by one’s enemies to destroy one’s life or harm one.

The Sadhana must be tried in the night of a Saturday.

Have a bath and wear yellow clothes. Also cover yourself up with a Guru Chadar (a special protective shawl). Sit with crossed legs. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth and on it place the Jwalamalini Yantra on a mound of rice grains. Also place Gurudev’s picture on one side. Light a Ghee lamp and offer vermillion, rice grains, flowers on the Yantra and the picture. Take some water in the right palm and speak out your name and the reason why you are doing the Sadhana. Let the water flow to the ground

Next meditate on the holy form of the Goddess chanting thus.


Om Namo Angushtthaabhyaam Namah, Bhagwati Tarjaneebhyaam Swaahaa, Jwaalaamaalini Madhyamaa-bhyaam Vashat, Grighra Gann Parivrite Kavachaay Hoom, Hoom Phat Netratrayaay Voushat, Swaahaa Astraay Phat.

This Mantra energizes the fingers and makes the chanting of the main Mantra with a rosary more effective and powerful. Then with a Jwala rosary chant four rounds of Guru Mantra and with the same rosary chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.


|| Om Jram Jram Jwaalaamaalinyei Phat ||

Do this regularly for 11 days. In this period wear the rosary daily. After 11 days drop the Yantra and rosary in a pond or river. One should lead a celibate life in this period and eat pure food. One can try again for even better result.

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